Tips for Printing Business Cards

When you print business cards by yourself or order to print them during a workshop , you want to believe maximum quality at acceptable pricing. the subsequent tips concern mostly the standard while printing on a desktop printer.
The price of one printed card will mostly depend upon used paper stock. Cards with blank background will take less ink or toner, in order that they are going to be cheaper.

This article will tell you ways to urge best results with a particular printer, choose the paper, select the foremost appropriate design and avoid common mistakes. Also see the the way to choose a printer and the way to settle on paper topics.If you would like to form (or already created) in Swift Publisher a card which contains a photograph or an image with gradient colors — choose glossy paper to make sure the printed cards look as nice as on the screen. Otherwise, the print output may disappoint you.Printing Cards with Backgrounds
If your cards contain a background color or background image, choose the paper with gaps between cards (see details in the way to choose paper). The gaps allow you to compensate the inevitable imprecision of the printer device mechanism. Don’t let the photographs on your design end exactly on the sting of the cardboard . Allow alittle distance to the sting , or, on the contrary, let it re-evaluate the sting (if it’s background).Fighting the Printing Offset on Inkjet Printers
Inkjet printers have a nasty habit of slightly zooming the print output. For this reason each next row of cards could also be slightly offset up or down with reference to the previous one. By the top of the sheet the offset may come up to 0.5–1 mm. this does not seem to happen with laser printers.
How to fight this? Use the size field during the printer calibration process. this extra setting helps to avoid this problem.Use Paper Compatible together with your Printer
When choosing card stock, confirm it’s compatible together with your printer type. as an example , if you employ paper with Glossy coating (Magnetic even worse) during a electrostatic printer , you’ll find yourself with broken printer!  Business Cards printing

Printing on a Monochrome electrostatic printer
When printing on a monochrome electrostatic printer , avoid using too many colors within the design — or there will be no difference between, say, the green and blue colors on the printout.

Printing Images in top quality
As the printer resolution is far higher, than that of the monitor, you would like to use high-resolution images to form sure they are available out well on printed cards. attempt to use the most important possible image then the print quality won’t degrade. Also, attempt to use vector images whenever possible. For raster images, a minimum of 300 dpi resolution is suggested .

A Tip for HP Laser Printers
On some Hewlett-Packard printers paper feeding accuracy are often not excellent when using the default print settings. Most HP LaserJets have driver settings where you’ll manually set the sort of media within the tray. Set it to “card stock” mode within the “printer features” panel — the printer will feed the paper slower and therefore the accuracy are going to be much, far better .

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