Remi Landau – Salient Tips for You to Start Your Fashion Label

The world of fashion is very dynamic and intensely competitive as well. If you look at every fashion circuit, you will find multiple fashion designers competing with each other. New designers have to create their own niche, and this can be done by launching their own fashion label.

If you are a fashion designer, you must be prepared and ready with the right things to start your fashion label. Remi Landau from New York is a leading name in fashion. She completed her graduation in sociology from Syracuse University. Recently, she worked for Bergdorf Goodman and was an assistant for a personal stylist. During her stint there, she managed research tasks, digital marketing, and clothing selection under luxury brands for a wide range of clients.

When she was in school, she was an intern at Epix and Weitz and Luxenberg, and Harper’s Bazaar. In her former company, she assisted in the coordination of photoshoots for her clientele and created a comprehensive comedy strategy for attracting talent and establishing the Epix brand.

Create a unique clothing line different from the rest

When it comes to starting your own fashion label, she says that you need to create a brand. This is where you should create a clothing line that is unique and different from the rest. She says that there are many brands in the market, but they are catering to the same customer base. If you want to get your brand off the ground, you should know what your customer wants.

The customer wants, and expectations will contribute to the early success of your brand. You should make your presence felt in the market by regularly advertising what you offer is unique and one-of-its-kind.

The finance and budget

When it comes to planning for finances, you should be careful. There are very few options when it comes to budgeting in the world of fashion label launches. There are three primary ways via which fashion designers can start their ventures-

  1. Print-on-demand.
  2. A private wholesale clothing line, and
  3. Tailored designs.

Out of the above three ways, print -on- demand is the least expensive. She says in addition to the above, you must be aware of how to take care of the business’s daily operations. She gives the following tips-

  1. If you want to hire people, consider a small team. This will keep your overheads in control.
  2. When you need to choose a factory, consider choosing one that gives you top-quality material. Take the distance of this factory into consideration as you would regularly need to drive there to collect the merchandise. In case there is an issue with it, all the ordered pieces will be affected. You can always drive back and change it.
  3. Finally, you should network well and develop healthy relationships with influencers in your field. This helps you to market your brand to the targeted audience better.

According to Remi Landau getting started with a new fashion label is an easy affair if you follow the points listed above. Be organized and ensure you manage your finances well.