New to Poker? Let’s Explain A few Common Poker Situations To You!

Continuing with our poker words is explained by blogs, where we talk about some of the most common and common words used by players and commentators to find out what they basically mean!

There are a few words that may sound confusing and make it difficult for new players to understand when someone is talking about them.

Betting In The Dark

A ‘black bet’ is an action where a player bet before the next round of cards. This means that even if they do a good deed on the flop / turn / river, their betting will stop.

Example: “I called my opponent’s previous bet, and they bet $ 100 in the dark before the flop was made”


The bubble in poker is called a place where you miss the paid venues of the tournament.

For example, if there are 20 places paid for a contest and you are removed from 21st place, that means you have ‘magnified’ the event!

Open Pair

‘Open Pair’ is not a term used at Texas Hold’Em or Omaha. It is a term used in Stud Poker when a couple face to face!


Lame is where the player gets into the pot by simply calling rather than lifting.

Example: “The game was Rs.1 / Rs.2 and I limped in just by calling the big blinds Rs. 2”

Paint Cards

“Paint Cards” refers to any face card: King, Queen or Jack. Players use the term “face cards” to refer to Kings, Queens or Jacks as they all have faces.

Driving station

Calling Station is a playful and comfortable person who does not grow much. Instead of magnifying, this type of player will drive you into the hands and in most cases.

Those are all the bluff card game online poker names we have for you today! We hope you learn something new and improve your poker skills every day!

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