Harvey Shapiro Northeastern University – How Does Iyengar Yoga Benefit Your Health?

Yoga has tremendous benefits to the mind and body. It is a holistic way of de-stressing yourself and staying flexible and fit. When it comes to yoga, you will find there are different types like power yoga, hot yoga, hatha yoga, and more. Out of these forms, Iyengar Yoga is a famous type of yoga that is popular across the globe.

Harvey Shapiro Northeastern University – Staying fit and active with Iyengar Yoga

Harvey Shapiro is an esteemed and popular Clinical Professor at the Northeastern University in Boston. He is the contributing author and editor of The Wiley Handbook on Violence in Education: Forms, Factors, and Prevention. He completed his doctorate in Jewish Education from the Hebrew Union College – Jewish Institute of Religion in the year 1996. He is interested in education, philosophy, literary theory, politics, and Hebrew literature. He is fluent in Hebrews and had studied at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. Besides teaching, he likes to play basketball to remain active and practices Iyengar Yoga regularly.

Harvey Shapiro Northeastern University points out that it is one of the oldest forms of yoga when it comes to Iyengar Yoga. Like its peers, it has several benefits for the body and mind. He outlines three of them below-

  1. Intensifies immunity – He says that when it comes to the latest Pandemic crisis across the world, people need to fortify their immune systems. Iyengar yoga works towards improving the total functions of the body, including oxygen and blood circulation. He says with better circulation, the organs in the body get nourished, and the toxins in the body are mitigated. In this way, the immune system of the body is boosted as well.
  2. Improves diet – There is uncanny evidence of Iyengar Yoga when it comes to how people boost the quality of their lives. With regular practice, they tend to perceive their whole life in a completely different way. They gravitate towards an improved regime of fitness and lifestyle habits. This gradually extends to their diet. There is a saying- you are what you eat- and with Iyengar Yoga, practitioners are able to make smarter food choices that benefit and nourish the whole body with success. This helps them to lead fitter lives.
  3. Improved breathing – Iyengar Yoga improves the way people breathe. Most people tend to breathe from their chests; however, the air should come from the stomach when it comes to correct breathing. This improves the circulation of oxygen in the human body better. The organs are benefitted including your lungs. This results in better breathing that in turn improves your quality of life to a large extent.

Harvey Shapiro Northeastern University sums up by saying that the current global crisis is here to stay for a long time. People need to wake up to the fact that yoga is a way of life that will boost immunity, improve diet and enhance breathing for a better quality of life. At the same time, yoga will help you be flexible and keep the stress bugs at bay with success!