A Few Things That You Must Avoid To Get Better Sleep

Not getting enough sleep is very common these days among Americans. There are many reasons for this problem, but there are few things that we need to avoid so that we may not end up with insomnia.

Nowadays, CBD gummies for sleep available from JustCbdStore are quite effective in getting a good sleep at night. The following are a few things that must be avoided so that you may not have disturbed sleep at night.

  1. Using a smartphone or TV before going to bed

Various studies conducted by experts suggest that watching TV or spending too much time using your smartphone or even a computer screen before sleeping can badly affect your sleep.

The blue light produced by these devices can prevent melatonin production that makes our body becoming sleepy,

  1. Drinking tea or coffee before sleeping

Drinking any kind of stimulant drink like tea or coffee can always prevent you to get proper sleep. You must avoid taking such beverages at least 4 to 5 before your sleeping hours.

  1. Eating spicy food

Eating a very large meal at night will make it difficult to fall asleep. Spicy or any fatty foods are particularly risky as they will be associated with acid reflux that may increase while you lie down at night.

  1. Smoking and boozing before sleeping

Both smoking, as well as boozing, must be avoided before going to bed as both will start working against you when you try to sleep.

  1. Watching exciting movie

Watching a movie while retiring to bed after a tiring day can always be a good idea, but you must be a little selective about the genre. Scary or frightening kind of movies may release cortisol, the “stress hormone,” and that will keep you the alert whole night.

  1. Having a fight or serious conversation

Avoid picking up a fight or engage in a serious conversation just before going to bed as that can keep your mind awake and prevent getting proper sleep.

  1. Taking certain medicines

If you are taking any medicines/supplements daily and also experiencing sleep issues then you must ask your doctor if the timing and dosage are responsible for your sleep issues.

  1. Heavy exercise couple of hours prior to bedtime

A few pieces of evidence have been found that if you engage in a strenuous exercise in the evening, particularly after 9 PM then it can prevent you to get proper sleep. The workout should be done preferably in the morning.

  1. Too much worrying

Most of us cannot stop worrying and particularly before going to bed your worry will not let you enjoy a good sleep. So, try not to stray your mind and start worrying while you are in bed.

  1. Sleeping on dirty linen

Various dust mites, bacteria, and allergens present in your linens may offer you an itchy sensation all through the night and will not let you sleep.

You must always maintain a proper schedule timing while going to bed. Going too early or too late also must be avoided. In case, of a serious problem consult your doctor.